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Service Design

Proper service is critical to any customer-facing business. As all organizations and their offerings differ, it is crucial to have a service that fits the business.

Quality and Consistency

Vital to any customer-facing business is the consistent delivery of products and guest services according to expected standards. Here I can help with some pre-made or custom made standard operating procedures.


Being straightforward is something very dear and near to me, as it saves all involved parties time and money. It also helps to avoid a variety of issues and misunderstandings.

Digital Transformation

Digitalization is among the most critical changes in our rapidly evolving world, especially as consumption habits of guests have changed. In the era we live in, the digitization of your business is key to its survival.

Helping to create a resilient hospitality business so you can focus on your guests.

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How I can help


Ideas and tips on how to lower your costs while maximizing your profits.


Imagination is as vital as knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Social Media

Saying hello doesn’t have an ROI. It’s about building relationships.

WOW Factor

Instead of thinking outside of the box, throw away the box, to go above and beyond guest expectations in delivering a great product and service experience.


Very soon, labor-intensive business such as hotels and restaurants won’t close because they don’t have enough business, but because they don’t have enough staff.


Setting up the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to business disruptions, safeguarding your people and assets, while maintaining continuous business operations.

Small Details Make a Big Difference!