Additional Infos

Adobe Photo Shop and Premiere Pro75%
Microsoft Office95%
Social Media85%
Budgeting and Forecasting90%
Wordpress Development65%
Training and Development95%


I am able to adapt to new situations on the spot, which Comes in handy when customers change their mind in the blink of an eye.

Crisis Experienced

After haveing experienced the swine flu, while having worked in mexico, a 800 room hotel catching fire on new years eve 2015 with 5000 people onsite and now the COVID-19 virus I know how to react in the face of Crisis on a small and large scale.


If you are Looking for someone with a lot of drive to push your goals and objectives to the next level, look no further and click the contact button at the Bottom of this page.


A trait that is becoming more and more important for todays business is flexibility, due to constantly changing customer demands, which I am very experienced in.


A resilient person like myself is able to deal with the demands placed upon them, especially where those demands might require me to be dealing with constantly changing priorities and a heavy workload. I am also able to setup the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and still retain its basic function and structure, which has helped me through many challenging situations.


Through my creativityI am able to turn new and imaginative ideas into reality. I am able to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. For me this involves two processes: thinking, then producing.


The temptation to lead as a chess master, controlling each move of the organization, must give way to an approach as a gardener, enabling rather than directing. A gardening approach to leadership is anything but passive. The leader acts as an “Eyes-On, Hands-Off” enabler who creates and maintains an ecosystem in which the organization operates.


Proper communication is one of the most important aspects when running a business. Altough the major business communication language is english, many people are happy when they can talk to someone in their native language. That is why I am a great assest, as I can communicate fluently in german, english, french and spanish.


I have learned that Consistency is not only at work but also in the private life, for the following reasons: 1. Consistency allows for measurement 2. Consistency creates accountability 3. Consistency establishes your Reputation 4. Consistency makes you relevant 5. Consistency maintains your message.

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