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I have been working in the hospitality industry since I was 14 years old and have loved every minute of it. I have been working in every Food and Beverage department there is in hotels such as One&Only, Four Seasons, Starwood, and The Address Hotels and Resorts. My journey has made me experience different cultures, from the deserts of the United Arab Emirates to the hot and sometimes humid climate in Mexico and Seychelles. And of course also amazing cities such as New York, Paris, Barcelona, Zurich, Dubai and of course my hometown of Munich.

My experience has allowed me to learn to deal with a variety of people, such as Directors and GM’s requiring reports and information two hours ago. And how can I forget two hundred colleagues from 25 different nationalities with an emotional crisis, sickness, and work issues. And not to forget neurotic brides, grumpy guests, delivery men and merchants wanting access to prohibited areas.

As a stickler for details, I insist on the “how-to policy” …how to lay the table, how to position the glassware, how to decorate the lobby, etc. As there is more and more hospitality staff that have not received any formal training, this gets more and more challenging. For many new colleagues, the difference between white- and red wine is only the color of the wine. Which is understandable, as many see the restaurant and hotel business as ways to earn money and not a passion. At the same time, more and more hospitality businesses are trying to save costs, cut corners, and pinch pennies. But instead of saving costs, they make decisions which in the end confuse the guests, the staff, and themselves.

No matter where I was if you wanted to have repeat guests, the experience was and still is extremely important. Nowadays there are some many restaurants, bars, hotels, and even shops, that what makes the difference is not only the price but the staff and the experience that the guests receive. It starts with the sense of arrival and ends with how you bid farewell to your guests.

With this blog, I want to help fellow hospitality professionals, to provide them with food for thought for a wide array of hospitality related themes. Most of the points I will post about I have experienced myself and therefore, what has helped me and whatnot.

This blog, I hope it will help me to share my experiences, failures, successes, and of course, to get in contact with some of the fantastic people out there.